Accelerate Your Pilates Business Success with Profitable Pilates Webinars!?

Hey there, Pilates studio owners and teachers! We’re Lesley Logan and Brad Crowell, your co-founders of Profitable Pilates. We’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering the business side of Pilates, building a successful brand along the way. Now, we’re pulling back the curtain to share our strategies with you.

Teaming up with industry experts, we host regular webinars that tackle the core challenges you face in running your Pilates business. No fluff, no jargon – just proven strategies and practical advice you can use immediately.

Some of our power-packed webinars have covered:

How to Raise Your Rates (And Not Lose Customers): Essential strategies for growing your revenue while keeping your clients happy.

Understanding Liability Insurance: Ensuring your studio is protected so you can focus on what you do best.

How to Get Published to Grow Your Brand: Tips and tricks to get your studio the attention it deserves.

Creating Superfans: Converting regular clients into brand ambassadors for your studio.

Crack the Video Code: Navigating the world of video marketing to connect with a wider audience.

And so much more!

We’ve created these webinars with one goal in mind – to help you navigate the business of Pilates with confidence and creativity. With our down-to-earth approach, we promise to keep things relatable, fun, and most importantly, valuable.

Ready to take your Pilates business to new heights? Let’s get down to business and make some Pilates magic happen together!


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